Right Where You Want Me - Single

by Marc Andre



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The song, Right Where You Want Me, centers on the subject of perspective. Quite often, God has to remind me to look at things from His viewpoint. There is always going to someone who seems to have it better and someone who has it worse. And there are always reasons to be thankful. I've often found huge blessings in what I first only saw as trials. And often, the tough stuff has deepened my relationship with God.

God has put each of us in a unique place, and we may miss what He’s doing if we’re too busy trying to get to the next thing. There may a person that only you reach and there may be someone in my life that only I can reach. One changed life is worth more than any earthly trophy or accomplishment.

I hope Right Where You Want Me will be an inspiration to many and will help others to see their circumstances in a new light. We’re all searching for peace and purpose and we can only find those things when we believe that God’s plan is the best plan.

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Lyrics & Music by Marc Andre. Copyright 2016.

Got it all dreamed out,
Got the routes all mapped
Got the cars lined up
On a freight train track
Burning up my doubts
Forgettin’ where I’ve been
But here we go, it’s crashin’ down again

When the bitter west wind keeps bringin’ it
When I’m about sick of making sense of it
When another let down seems imminent
Well, You’ve got me
Right where you want me
Like I’m tryin’ to retie a tourniquet
Just when I think I’m finally finished learnin’ it
You’ve always got a way of reworkin’ it
‘Cause You’ve got me
Right where You want me

It’s never like we’ve planned
Another two steps back
Is it a game of chance?
Have the cards been stacked?
An enemy of change
I’m tryin’ to see Your hand
‘Cause here we go, it’s crashin’ down
It’s crashin’ down again

Repeat Chorus

‘Cause here we go again
It’s crashin’ down again
‘Cause here we go again

I’m tired of livin’ in this dissonance
I wanna trust Your Providence
To know that I was meant
To be in this place, this time for a reason
To see my relevance in a world that is bleedin’
This ain’t my life, but I guard it with obsession
I’m begging, God, can You stop this infection?
This is it, I’m gonna draw my line
I’m gonna shine for Christ where only I can shine

Repeat Chorus


released November 11, 2016
Produced by Marc Andre for 10x12 Productions
Words & Music by Marc Andre

Mixed by Jeff Juliano
Mastered by Brad Blackwood at Euphonics Masters

Recorded at Sound Emporium Studio B, Nashville, TN
Engineered by Todd Robbins
Vocals & Keyboards recorded at 10x12 Productions, Columbus, OH

Drums: Miles McPherson
Bass: Joeie Canaday
Electric Guitar: Mike Payne, Jerry McPherson
Acoustic Guitar: Mike Payne
Rhodes, Synths & Drum Programming: Marc Andre

Artwork by Jenny Alberti at Amelia St. Studio



all rights reserved


Marc Andre Columbus, Ohio

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